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Mariculture Research Center using micro-automation technology have obvious advantages

Application examples -- Aquaculture industry applications

 Oceanography and Environmental Science, Xiamen University is the place of which located in Dongshan
 Island breeding research base is upscale seafood breeding, it was used of speed measuring than color box testing on the past, but it was too much data error, and to establish standard laboratory limited by site conditions. In order to obtain reliable water quality data, after comparing foreign and domestic products in December 2009. Finally, procurement of a TA-88 micro-automatic analyzer. Using the sinsche trace of automation solutions as aquaculture research topic detection means. The main application project in research base of the TA-88 likes: Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, sulfide, CODMn, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, hexavalent chromium, dissolved oxygen and so on. Do not need with reagents must be no equality days conventional laboratory items case. The use of the sinsche IRK as well as enterprises, and it can be to achieve rapid and accurate detection of multi-frequency, multi-project.

 Application examples -- Aquaculture industry applications


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