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Moving Lab

  ------ Typical application for automation technique.

1. I don’t need sundry bottles or cans, as I am a moving card for testing.

 2. I don’t like expensive reagent kits, as I need to do testing frequently.

 3. I not only need portable instruments, as I am a moving lab.


The moving testing project for water analysis, which is composed of Trace automatic spectrophotometer, portable colorimeters and reagent kit, breaks the bottle neck that moving testing card becomes sampling card, and realizes the moving testing pattern really.

Elaborate design: Superior configuration makes it suitable for the moving operation from sampling to analysis.

Safety guarantee: Automatic instruments with standard reagent kits improve the safety for water analysis by a wide margin.

Convinient & fast: Intelligent instruments with open-to-use reagent kits simplify the operation procedures and save your time for preparation at the same time.

Reliable result: EPA based standard methods and automatic calculation programmes insure the reliability of testing results.

Strong functions: Testing items can be expanded according to the customer requirements, and professional technique training is also available.

Flexible use: Long-distance data transmission equipment is available, and it can help realize the data sharing rapidly, which your follow-up cost of testing.


1. Moving testing project for water analysis with the TA-88 as core equipment has passed the expert review already, and it will be fully developed in Hunan province soon.

2.     This moving testing project can be optimized and expanded according to the practical, which can also be used in CDC and health supervision areas.


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